Editor-in-Chief of the Journal "Georesursy"
Renat Kh. Muslimov
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Professor, DSc (Geology and Mineralogy)
Renat Muslimov is Honored Geologist of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialistic Republic, Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tatarstan; from 1966-1997 years – Chief Geologist – Deputy General Director of JSC "Tatneft"; currently Advisor of the President of Tatastan on the development of oil and gas fields.
Research interests
Renat Muslimov is a recognised authority in the field of geology and oil-industry. He has founded and heads the Tatar school of geologists and oil industry workers. Under his guidance and with his personal participation the efficient exploitation of the largest oil deposits of the Urals-Volga oil and gas content region is carried out. He deals with the improvement of technology of the "black gold" large deposit exploitation as well as productive strata of low efficiency. In both cases high coefficients of subsoil oil recovery have been obtained. R.Kh.Muslimov has participated in the exploitation of oil deposits of the Western Siberia where he has reduced a number of his inventions allowing one to increase the production level of valuable liquid fuel. He is the author of more then 100 inventions, 30 monographs, dealing with the search, prospecting, technique and technology of oil deposit exploitation.
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