Editor-in-Chief of the Journal "Georesursy"


Alexander V. Sokolov


PhD (Geology and Mineralogy)

Director for Geological Exploration Petrogeco JSC

Research interests: oil and gas exploration geology, reserves calculation, etc. (Main articles, presentations, lectures)

E-mail: sokolov@petrogeco.ru




Higher education: Kalinin Polytechnic Institute; specialty: mining engineer-geologist
Professional work experience: Logging data interpreter at Urengoyneftegazgeologiya (1984-1989); Head of the Department for Reserves Calculation at Megionneftegazgeologia (1990-1992); Head of the Oil Exploration Department at the Siberian Oil Corporation (1993-1994); Deputy Director of the State Institute of Geology and Development of Fossil Fuels (1997-1998); Director of the Oil Company Chumpassneftedobycha Heritage Oil and Gas Co. (2005-2006); Head of Oil Exploration Unit at Sibir Energy plc (2007-2009), Director of Exploration at Zoltav Resources Inc. (2013-2015).

Since 1995 he has been consulting for Russian oil and gas companies and joint ventures. Founded and managed successful independent oil and gas exploration companies in Western Siberia - Siberian Geological Company (1999); Sibresurs-Yug (2005); Sibresurs-Sever (2005); Oil Geological Company (2006); Obskaya Geological Company (2007); CenGeo Holding ltd. (2013).

Petrogeco JSC, established in 2015, continues the best traditions of expertise and consulting in the field of oil and gas geology.


• Author of 25 scientific publications, inventions and more than 150 research projects

• Expert of the State Commission on Mineral Reserves of the Russian Federation (GKZ RF)

• Member of the Society of Subsoil Use Experts of the Russian Federation

• Lecturer at  the Lomonosov Moscow State University and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

• Discoverer of oil fields in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra (Russian Federation): Koltogorskoe, (2009); Zapadno- Koltogorskoe (2014); Yuzhno-Trekhozernoe (2014)