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Oil and gas possibility of crystalline basement taking into account development in it of non-structural traps of combined type

S.A. Punanova

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 In this communication, from the perspective of modern views, the following issues are highlighted. A brief overview of the regions – large oil and gas bearing basins, in which hydrocarbon deposits are currently being developed in the deposits of the crystalline basement, is provided. The problems of non-anticline-type collector traps, usually non-structural, combined, widely developed in basement deposits, are considered. The existing characteristic features of oils in deposits from a crystalline basement are voiced. As a result of the study, ever-increasing volumes of world oil production from base sediments were noted, the difficulty of identifying and classifying traps in it, and the almost lack of originality of the composition of oils in the foundation compared with oils in the overlying or adjacent parts of the sedimentary section, are shown.

crystalline basement, oil fields, hydrocarbons, combined traps, oil composition, oil and gas potential


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Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation


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Punanova S.A. (2019). Oil and gas possibility of crystalline basement taking into account development in it of non-structural traps of combined type. Georesursy = Georesources, 21(4), pp. 19-26. DOI: