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On the new paradigm for the development of oil and gas geology

G.I. Shmal

Short communication



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The state of the oil and gas industry in Russia is considered. Problems and difficulties are described, such as depletion of deposits, a decrease in the number of discoveries of new fields, ineffective production methods due to the lack of modern innovative technologies, imperfect legislation, licensing of large state-owned enterprises, reduction of proved reserves, lack of funding, etc. Ways to solve them are proposed, including the need to develop a special state program to support geological surveys, with specifics, with effective control over its implementation.

The problems of the strategy for the development of the fuel and energy complex in Russia are noted. Particular attention is paid to the need for government regulation as a basic component of the organizations of measures that would ensure the normal functioning of the fuel and energy complex and its effective development in the interests of the country, its population and private capital. It is proposed to create a coherent system for managing the innovation process throughout the country, developing certain standards, mechanisms to stimulate the introduction of new technologies, including in the field of geological exploration.


oil and gas industry, development paradigm, fuel and energy complex of Russia



Gennadiy I. Shmal
the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia
9 Degtyarny lane, Moscow, 125009, Russian Federation


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Shmal G.I. (2020). On the new paradigm for the development of oil and gas geology. Georesursy = Georesources, Special issue, pp. 2–4. DOI: