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Noble metal mineralization in apatite titanomagnetite ores of the Suroyam massif (Middle Urals)

D.E. Saveliev, I.A. Blinov

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The mineralogical composition of apatite-titanomagnetite clinopyroxenites of the Suroyam massif, characterized by stable elevated contents of platinum group elements with the leading role of palladium, has been studied. In association with accessory chalcopyrite, palladium and silver minerals have been identified – mertieite, merenskyite, hessite. It has been suggested that the presence of intrinsic mineral phases of palladium, represented by tellurides and arsenides-antimonides, allows us to consider the Suroyam massif as a promising deposit of complex Pd-P-Fe ores.

Ultramafic rocks, clinopyroxenite, apatite-titanomagnetite ore, palladium, mertieite


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Dmitry E. Saveliev
Institute of Geology of the Ufimian Federal Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
16/2, K.Marks st., Ufa, 450077, Russian Federation

Ivan A. Blinov
Institute of Mineralogy of the South Urals Federal Research Center of Mineralogy and Geoecology of the Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
1, Ilmeny State Reserve, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, 456301, Russian Federation


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Saveliev D.E., Blinov I.A. (2020). Noble metal mineralization in apatite titano-magnetite ores of the Suroyam massif (Middle Urals). Georesursy = Georesources, 22(4), pp. 98–100. DOI: