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Typomorphism of rock-forming minerals of Lunar regolith, Luna-16, -20, -24: comparision of sea vs continent vs sea

A.B. Makeyev, N.I. Bryanchaninova

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The study focuses on the  comparison of the chemical and mineral composition of Lunar regolith probes from Luna-16, -20, -24 stations and their the sea-continent environments. Using microprobe JXA-8200 and JSM-5610LV (400 analyses, 50 images, 9 fragments of layer-by-layer core samples) 18 mineral phases and their 12 varieties were diagnosed. The most common are iron-magnesium and calcium-bearing varieties of silicates – anortite, clinopyroxenes and olivine. The typomorphic features of rock-forming minerals in two types of the lunar surface are discussed. The composition of chromespinelids is demonstrated on a triangular prism diagram.

Moon, Soviet automatic stations, Lunar regolith, Mare Fecunditatis, sea of Crises, anorthite, clinopyroxen, olivine, ilmenite, olivine gabbro


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Alexander B. Makeyev
Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences
35, Staromonetny Lane, Moscow, 119017, Russian Federation

Nataliya I. Bryanchaninova
Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
7, Pyzhevsky lane, Moscow, 119017, Russian Federation


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Makeyev A.B., Bryanchaninova N.I. (2021). Typomorphism of rock-forming minerals of Lunar regolith, Luna-16, -20, -24: comparision of sea vs continent vs sea. Georesursy = Georesources, 23(1), pp. 94–105. DOI: