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Elements of regional organic geochemistry and separate prediction of oil and gas content of regions

T.K. Bazhenova

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The article considers the elements of organic geochemistry in the regional aspect, which aims to separate quantitative prediction of oil and gas content of regions. The principles and results of balance calculations of generation and emission of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons for different facies-genetic types of organic matter and methods for calculating the scale of hydrocarbon emission are considered. Finally, a list of the main regularities of organic geochemistry is given.

organic geochemistry, organic matter, oil-gas formation, oil-gas accumulation, facial-genetic type of organic matter, catagenesis, balance calculations, separate forecast of oil and gas content


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Tatiana K. Bazhenova
Geologorazvedka LLC
20, Fayansovaya str, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation


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 Bazhenova T.K. (2021). Elements of regional organic geochemistry and separate prediction of oil and gas content of regions. Georesursy = Georesources, 23(2), pp. 35–43. DOI: