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New G&G Technology Pilot testing and verification: Methodological Recommendations

V.V. Volyanskaya

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Development of computer technologies allows not only to optimize the process of geological study of our planet, but also to create fundamentally new approaches in working with large arrays of geological data. This led to the transition of formalization of geological knowledge and information from the descriptive form to the technological one, i.e. aimed at the industrial application of unified approaches. The article explains the concept of “technology” as applied to the Earth sciences (“G&G-technology” – Geology & Geophysics Technology). The example of direct and reverse algorithm of hydrocarbon deposits study is given. Stages of new G&G-technologies creation and change of information content level at each stage of this process bring forward certain requirements when selecting geological objects for testing and verification of the obtained result. The practical example of set of criteria for verification of fracture zones mapping technology is considered and the importance of balance between theoretical, methodological and practical elements of mineral deposits study and modeling is described.

G&G-technology, informativity, test object, verification


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Viktoria V. Volyanskaya
Rosneft Oil Company
26/1, Sofiyskaya emb., Moscow, 117997, Russian Federation


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Volyanskaya V.V. (2021). New G&G Technology Pilot testing and verification: Methodological Recommendations. Georesursy = Georesources, 23(2), pp. 192–196. DOI: