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Issues of oil terminology in the studies of N.B. Vassoevich

A.L. Vassoevich

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For more than 30 years N.B. Vassoevich had devoted to the development of the theoretical foundations of petroleum geology and geochemistry. In addition, Nikolay Bronislavovich was always interested in the original meaning of the words that he used as scientific terms. Under the term, he understood a lexical unit that serves to designate a scientific concept, performing the function of naming in relation to the object reflected in this concept. According to N.B. Vassoevich, the ambiguity of many geological “terms” is the cause of most heated scientific discussions. Therefore, the ordering of scientific terminology and nomenclature N.B. Vassoevich included among the most important scientific tasks.

N.B. Vassoevich, terminology, oil


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Andrey L. Vassoevich – DSc (Philosophy), PhD (History), Professor, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia 
Russian Federation, 191186, St.Petersburg, River Moika emb., 48

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