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Reserves-to-production ratio – on the reliability of estimates

A.V. Sokolov, A.V. Shubina

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At present, when estimating the state of the resource base and the general forecast for the development of oil production, ones often operate with the reserves-to-production ratio, which reflects, as it is believed, a guaranteed time for involving current recoverable reserves in active development. However, the terms (numbers) differ significantly. In this regard, it seems appropriate to once again discuss the content of the commonly used ratio, the differences in approaches to its estimation and use in Russia and abroad, as well as the possibility of using it when forecasting production and the need for an increase in reserves.

Reserves-to-production ratio, oil and gas, production


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  Alexander V. Sokolov – Cand. Sci. (Geology and Mineralogy), Director for Geological Exploration, PETROGEKO JSC
20, Samotlornaya st., Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area–Yugra, 628606, Russian Federation
Anastasia V. Shubina – Deputy Head of Directorate – Head of Department, State Reserves Committee
Build. 5, 54, Bolshaya Polyanka st., Moscow, 119180, Russian Federation

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 Sokolov A.V., Shubina A.V.  (2022). Reserves-to-production ratio – on the reliability of estimates. Georesursy = Georesources, 24(3), pp. 10–16. DOI: