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Criteria for the searching for hydrocarbon deposits and polymetal ores using the geofluidic system model

S.A. Gorobets, N.N. Laptev, I.R. Makarova, A.Y. Goldobin, F.F. Valiev, A.M. Yafyasov, D.K. Makarov

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This work is a continuation of a cycle of studies on the generalization of geochemical information on the content of elements in the composition of rocks and oils in the area of the Ukhta anticline of Southern Timan region. Based on the values of yttrium (Y/Ho) and cerium anomalies (Ce sample/Ce*PAAS) established in modern sedimentary basins, the studied rocks of the Upper Devonian are divided according to the conditions of formation and transformation into predominantly hydrothermal and hydrogenous. It is shown that, depending on these conditions; zones of hydrothermal and hydrogenous mineralization with an increased content of Zn, Cu, Co, V, Mn, and Mo are formed. As a result of a comparative analysis of the content of elements in oils and the values of geochemical ratios U/Th, V/Ba, Th/Ba, As/Ba, three types of oils were identified: Yaregsky, Nizhnechutinsky high-temperature, and Nizhnechutinsky low-temperature. The values of these indicators are considered as search criteria for a certain type of oil.
Elemental composition of oil and rocks, types of metal-bearing oils, ore occurrences in oil-bearing territories, geochemical criteria for the search for minerals and oils
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Semen A. Gorobets – Head of the Department
Gazprom invest LLC
Build. 9/B, 2, Mitrophanevskoe highroad, Saint Petersburg, 190005, Russian Federation
Nikolay N. Laptev – Director of the Petrophysic LLC
5, Shevchenko st., Nizhnii Domanik vill., pgt Yarega, Ukhta, 169347, Russian Federation
Irina R. Makarova – Cand. Sci. (Geology and Mineralogy), Leading Geologist of the Petrophysic LLC
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Arkady Ya. Goldobin – Chief Geologist
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Farhat F. Valiev – Dr. Sci. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor of the Department of Nuclear Physics Research Methods, Saint Petersburg State University
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Adil M. Yafyasov – Dr. Sci. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor of the Department of Solid State Electronics, Saint Petersburg State University
1, Ulyanovskaya st., Saint Petersburg, 198504, Russian Federation
Dmitry K. Makarov – Postgraduate student of the Department of Geology and Geoecology, Herzen University 
48, riv. Moika emb., Saint Petersburg, 191186, Russian Federation

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Gorobets S.A., Laptev N.N., Makarova I.R., Goldobin A.Ja., Valiev F.F., Yafyasov A.M., Makarov D.K. (2022). Criteria for the searching for hydrocarbon deposits and polymetal ores using the geofluidic system model. Georesursy = Georesources, 24(3), pp. 49–68. DOI: