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Retrospective review study of vizeyskiy partial barriers

E.N. Serova

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The accumulated experience of exploration and a variety of studies on the geology and oil potential of Tatarstan enriched and made significant contributions to the theory and practice of geological exploration. Researchers' attention to the Lower Carboniferous deposits attracted thick strata of sandstone and carbonate rocks crashing into Tournaisian stage and control placement of oil in the side areas of the Kama-Kinel system deflections. A detailed study of partial barrier facilitates forecasting and allocation of oil-bearing zones (high-capacity trap) on the already studied (drilled) in Republic of Tatarstan. The article also discussed the different points of view on the genesis of the cuttings, the researchers presented arguments in favor of the admissibility of each. In conclusion, the author emphasizes the role of learning in the Republic of partial barriers.

partial barrier, erosion, karst, genesis, studies

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Serova E.N. Retrospective review study of vizeyskiy partial barriers. Georesursy [Georesources]. No. 2(44). 2012. Pp. 32-35.