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Prospects of coal-bearing potential of Volga Ural region

R.R. Khassanov, I.A. Larochkina, Sh.Z. Gafurov

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In the Volga-Urals region discovered large accumulations of coal. Their resources are about 3.5 billion tons. Coal formation took place in four stages – the Devonian, Carboniferous, Permian, and Neogene. Devonian and Carboniferous coals have high quality. Carboniferous coals have large resources, but occur at depths of 900-1400 m. Some of them contain high concentrations of trace elements including rare earth. Permian and Neogene coals are brown. The Permian coals contain high concentrations some trace elements. Their geochemical specialization determined by the association Ge-Cu-Ag-(Pb). Neogene coals are poor quality and does not contain a high content of trace elements. Industrial value may represent only the Visean coal deposits with the powerful coal seam.

coal, coal formation, rare elements, deposits, reserves and resource

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Khassanov R.R., Larochkina I.A., Gafurov Sh.Z. Prospects of coal-bearing potential of Volga Ural region. Georesursy [Georesources]. No. 2(44). 2012. Pp. 42-46.