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EPR of the Tournaisian stage

R.I. Salimov, N.M. Nizamutdinov, R.A. Khasanov, V.P. Morozov, N.M. Khasanova

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Mn2+, VO2+, ion-radicals SO3-, SO2-, organic matter of Demkinskoe carbonate rocks were described by EPR. The phytogenic and zoogenic rocks are isolated among the biogenic carbonates by EPR of manganese and radicals.

biogenic carbonates, organic matter, oil, ion-radicals, EPR

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Salimov R.I., Nizamutdinov N.M., Khasanov R.A., Morozov V.P., Khasanova N.M. EPR of the Tournaisian stage. Georesursy [Georesources]. No. 1(43). 2012. Pp. 21-24.