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Experimental researches of diphasic systems movement in gas wells

S.N. Buzinov, S.A. Borodin, V.M. Pischukhin, A.N. Kharitonov, O.V. Nikolaev, S.A. Shulepin

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One of the problems of depleted gas fields is liquid accumulation in a well trunk and as consequence a stop of its work. Traditionally applied methods of calculation of an optimum operating mode of wells under the complicated conditions on empirical formulas have a number of restrictions and assumptions. In article the optimized algorithm of calculation leaning against results of practical experiments, «GazpromVNIIGAZ» Ltd spent on experimental installation – the stand on working off of operation of gas wells at a late stage of working out is considered.

dynamics of fluids and gases, the diphasic current, the resulted (brought) parameter of Fruda, the exhausted deposits, is minimum-admissible wells debit, wells itself rate termination

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Buzinov S.N., Borodin S.A., Pischukhin V.M., Kharitonov A.N., Nikolaev O.V., Shulepin S.A. Experimental researches of diphasic systems movement in gas wells. Georesursy [Georesources]. No. 4(36). 2010. Pp. 63-66.