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Determining the oil content of the terrigenous Devonian within the North Tatarstan Arch

V.V. Ananiev, V.P. Nosko, D.V. Melnikov

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In many cases, the low logging-predicted oil saturation of the terrigenous Devonian does not match the actual oil production rate. The paper reviews the results of the well logging data interpretation and issues guidelines for more reliable determination of oil saturation.

oil saturation, terrigenous Devonian, the North Tatarstan Arch

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Ананьев В.В., Носко В.П., Мельников Д.В. О прогнозе нефтенасыщенности пластов терригенного девона в пределах Северо-Татарского свода. Георесурсы. № 4(27). 2008. С. 31-34.