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The Necessity of Accelerating the Development of Highly Viscous Oil in Russia

N.I. Iskritskaya, V.N. Makarevich

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Currently, in the resource base of Russia, the share of heavy highly viscous oil increases rapidly, and disparity between the content of such oil in reserves and its share in production increases as well. The article shows the research results of actual statistical material for heavy highly viscous oil in the federal districts and major oil-producing regions of the country. Authors indicate difficulties and positive trends in the development of highly viscous oil. Measures to accelerate its development are outlined. Monitoring of the resource base in Russia shows that there is a need to accelerate development of reserves difficult to recover, including highly viscous oil, as a reliable replenishment source of hydrocarbon resource base.

oil, heavy highly viscous oil, reserves, production, development, industrial significance of deposits, economic efficiency, profitability, promotion

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All Russia Petroleum Research Exploration Institute (VNIGRI), St. Petersburg, Russia

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Iskritskaya N.I., Makarevich V.N. The Necessity of Accelerating the Development of Highly Viscous Oil in Russia. Georesursy [Georsources]. № 4(59). 2014. Pp. 35-39.