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Criteria for oil and gas search in domanic deposits of the Volga-Ural basin

A.V. Stoupakova, N.P. Fadeeva, G.A. Kalmykov, A.Kh. Bogomolov, T.A. Kiryukhina, N.I. Korobova, T.A. Shardanova, A.A. Suslova, R.S. Sautkin, E.N. Poludetkina, E.V. Kozlova, D.V. Mitronov, F.V. Korkots

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Domanic deposits of the Volga-Ural basin are high carbon thin formations capable to both produce hydrocarbons by own source rocks and concentrate them in certain strata and areas that act as a reservoir. Various sedimentation conditions occurred while filling relatively deep water basin where domanic deposits were formed. They were deep-sea deposits to shallow-sea deposits. Specificity of generating high carbon formations is in high content of organic matter, carbonate material and free silica. Volcanic or hydrothermal products could serve as their source. Therewith a special gas regime of the atmosphere in Late Devonian was created. Evaluation of domanic generating potential showed that siliceous-carbonate and carbonate-siliceous rocks enriched with marine algal organic matter have a high potential for generation. The most prospective ones are depressions formed in position of aulacogens and their slopes. There deposits enriched with organic matter were formed almost throughout Late Devonian and Tournaisian. Elevation slopes and reef borders are also of high oil and gas potential. Sections of such objects are common for depression borders of uncompensated immersion and lower parts of adjacent elevation slopes. In domanic deposits with carbonate material intervals with high carbon content were developed along bioherm structures.

Domanic deposits, high carbon formations, conditions of formation, generating potential, the Volga-Ural basin

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Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

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Stoupakova A.V., Fadeeva N.P., Kalmykov G.A., Bogomolov A.Kh., Kiryukhina T.A., Korobova N.I., Shardanova T.A., Suslova A.A., Sautkin R.S., Poludetkina E.N., Kozlova E.V., Mitronov D.V., Korkots F.V. Criteria for oil and gas search in domanic deposits of the Volga-Ural basin. Georesursy [Georesources]. No. 2(61). 2015. Pp. 77-86.