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The prospects of large oil and gas fields in the Eastern Taimyr

V.I. Savchenko1, A.V. Stoupakova2, K.A. Peretolchin2

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The high interest of large Russian oil and gas companies to the Anabar-Khatanga oil and gas basin is due to long-standing assumptions about the presence of large hydrocarbon deposits on its territory. Until 2014, the study of the territory remained extremely low; the last works were carried out in the 80s of the 20th century. At the moment, only the non-industrial oil content of the Permian sediments of the supersalt complex has been established. Thanks to the works at the government expense, in which the authors took a direct part, new promising objects were revealed and the structure of the lower, presumably subsalt complex of the Late Proterozoic-Early Paleozoic was specified. The authors identify several buried ancient (presumably Late Proterozoic) anticlinal structures, promising in their opinion for oil and gas, proceeding from the analogy with the already discovered fields in the southern part of the Siberian platform.The authors raise the issue of the prospects of the deep-lying sediments of the Lower Paleozoic in the subsalt complex in the area of their distribution, they have identified promising areas for the detection of «carbonate (algal) structures» that are productive in the south of the Siberian platform. At the end of the article the authors give resource estimates of the studied region, which make up billions of tons of conventional fuel.

oil, gas, the Arctic Region, Laptev Sea, Anabar-Khatanga basin, Siberian platform

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1JSC «Yuzhmorgeologiya»
2Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

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Savchenko V.I., Stoupakova A.V., Peretolchin K.A. The prospects of large oil and gas fields in the Eastern Taimyr. Georesursy = Georesources. 2017. Special issue. Part 2. Pp. 186-193. DOI: