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Devonian deposits – prospective direction of searching for oil and gas in the subsalt complex of the Сaspian basin

D.K. Azhgaliyev

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The regional features of the structure and distribution of the Devonian deposits in the subsalt Paleozoic complex of the Caspian basin are considered taking into account the new drilling data and the results of the interpretation of the aeromagnetic studies data. A general assessment of the prospects of the Devonian strata and, in general, the Paleozoic deposits lying at elevated depths (5.5-8.0 km) is given, with an emphasis on promising objects which are the large uplifts along the Devonian-Lower Carboniferous complex of sediments. The characteristics of individual zones with identified large local uplifts at the level of the seismic horizon P3 in the southeast (Kashagan-Tengiz and South Emba zone) and in the east (Zhanazhol-Tortkol zone of barren rises and the Borzher-Akzhar tectonic stage) of the sedimentation basin are presented.

Devonian deposits, oil, gas, Caspian basin

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Azhgaliyev D.K. Devonian deposits – prospective direction of searching for oil and gas in the subsalt complex of the Caspian basin. Georesursy = Georesources. 2017. V. 19. No. 2. Pp. 111-116. DOI: