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Spectral Noise Logging for well integrity analysis in the mineral water well in Asselian aquifer

R.R. Kantyukov1, A.A. Arbuzov2, S.V. Soroka2, L.A. Spirina2

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This paper describes a mineral water well with decreasing salinity level according to lab tests. A well integrity package including Spectral Noise Logging (SNL), High-Precision Temperature (HPT) logging and electromagnetic defectoscopy (EmPulse) was performed in the well which allowed finding casing leaks and fresh water source. In the paper all logging data were thoroughly analyzed and recommendation for workover was mentioned. The SNL-HPT-EmPulse survey allowed avoiding well abandonment.

Mineral water, Salinity, Spectral Noise Logging (SNL), Casing Leaks, High-Precision Temperature logging, electromagnetic defectoscopy

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1LLC Gazprom transgaz Kazan, Kazan, Russia 2LLC TGT Servis, Kazan, Russia

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Kantyukov R.R., Arbuzov A.A., Soroka S.V., Spirina L.A. Spectral Noise Logging for well integrity analysis in the mineral water well in Asselian aquifer. Georesursy = Georesources. 2017. V. 19. No. 2. Pp. 138-140. DOI: 9/grs.19.2.9