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The Application of Biogeophysical Studies in the Search for Oil Fields

M.Sh. Mardanov1, V.N. Dyachkov1, V.B. Podavalov2

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The article gives an analysis of qualitative and quantitative indices of biogeophysical anomalies (BGPh-anomalies) recorded over oil deposits, obtained as a result of experimental and methodological work on the oil fields studied in detail. By the degree of intensity and complexity of the BGPh-anomalies registered in digital form with special equipment developed by the authors, a set of qualitative and quantitative features has been developed that make it possible to determine the genetic type of the structural trap of the identified oil deposit, and, under favorable conditions, the depth of its occurrence. BGPh-anomalies of the “tectonic fault” type, their influence on the “oil deposit” type of BGPh-anomalies have been studied. The limiting values ​​of the watercut in the exploited oil reservoir are determined, when exceeding, the oil reservoir ceases to create a BGPh-anomaly such as “oil deposit”, which can be used for the areal monitoring of oil fields. The minimum thickness of the oil-saturated reservoir is determined, which creates an anomaly of the “oil deposit” type. Based on this analysis, it is assumed that the BGPh-anomalies arise only over oil deposits, potential for industrial development.

biogeophysical method, oil deposit, tectonic fault, seismuc structure

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1«NPF LOZA» LLC, Bavly, Russia
2Oil and Gas Production Department «Bavlyneft» Tatneft PJSC, Bavly, Russia

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Mardanov M.Sh., Dyachkov V.N., Podavalov V.B. The Application of Biogeophysical Studies in the Search for Oil Fields. Georesursy = Georesources. 2017. V. 19. No. 3. Part 2. Pp. 284-291. DOI: