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Several Methods to Increase Production from Carbonate Reservoirs, Developed by means of Horizontal Technology

R.Kh. Akhmadullin

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Market conditions during the economic crisis require the provision of high efficiency of capital investments at all stages of production in two main areas: increasing the flow rate of new wells, recovering production from highly-drained and inactive stock of wells, and reducing drilling and well site construction costs. The task is solved by improving the existing development systems, broadly implementing the already proven methods of increasing oil recovery, including the use of horizontal technology that provides more complete production of inter-well space and massive geological and technical measures to restore production from inactive and highly watered wells. Among the latter, there is little costly technology to restore oil production in open wells with a horizontal end, which operate carbonate reservoirs of the Lower and Middle Carboniferous deposits in the Republic of Tatarstan. The essence of the technology is to lower the suspension of the pump directly to the horizontal part of the well, if possible, to the lowest hypsometric mark of its trajectory in the oil-saturated part of the operational object. At the same time, the oil production rate increases, the watering of the well production decreases, its service life is extended, the design levels of production are maintained, the most complete production of oil reserves is achieved and the ultimate oil recovery factor is increased. Taking into account the positive results of the application of the technology, it is proposed to extend it to all fields of Tatarstan, where the carbonate reservoirs with wells with horizontal end are operated.

geological structure, development object, pumping equipment, increase in production capabilities, well with horizontal end

Oil and Gas Production Department Prikamneft Tatneft PJSC, Elabuga, Russia

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Akhmadullin R.Kh. Several Methods to Increase Production from Carbonate Reservoirs, Developed by means of Horizontal Technology. Georesursy = Georesources. 2017. V. 19. No. 4. Part 1. Pp. 341-345. DOI: