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Results of Scientific and Technical Supervision of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

I.Kh. Makhmutov1, O.V. Salimov1, I.I. Girfanov1, R.Z. Ziatdinov1, A.U. Mansurov1, A.V. Kochetkov2

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The paper presents actual results of the research conducted as part of a field pilot project which consisted in interpretation of minifrac test data and evaluation of the efficiency of the scientific and technical supervision of fracking operations. The research program involved 11 wells targeting Devonian terrigenous reservoirs.
Minifrac tests in one perforation interval were performed only in seven wells, that is approximately in 64% of total well count. A reliable fracture closure estimate was obtained only in six wells (55%), beginning of pseudoradial flow was observed only in one well out of 11 wells (9%). Hence, conventional minifrac tests should be supplemented with other diagnostic injection tests. Analysis of the performance of hydraulic fracturing operations conducted according to this pilot project plan indicates that fracture modelling, and scientific and technical supervision of fracking operations performed by Hydrofrac Research Laboratory of Institute TatNIPIneft Tatneft PJSC have yielded beneficial effects, namely 1.44 times increase in oil production rates.

hydraulic fracturing, scientific and technical supervision, minifrac test data interpretation, hydraulic fracturing performance

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1Institute TatNIPIneft Tatneft PJSC, Bugulma, Russia, Bugulma, Russia
2Engineering Center Tatneft PJSC, Almetyevsk, Russia

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Makhmutov I.Kh., Salimov O.V., Girfanov I.I., Ziatdinov R.Z., Mansurov А.U., Kotchetkov А.V. Results of Scientific and Technical Supervision of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations. Georesursy = Georesources. 2017. V. 19. No. 4. Part 2. Pp. 374-378. DOI: