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Informativity of trace elements in the oil geology

R.P. Gottikh, B.I. Pisotsky, I.N. Plotnikova

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The article shows the significance of studying the trace elements in oil and bitumen to solve the oil geology issues. Methods review for studying the trace element composition of oil is carried out. The analysis of various trace elements information content in the study of oil formation processes is represented, substantiation for the deep nature of trace elements in oils is given, and the mechanism of geochemical anomalies formation in the Domanik rocks of the Volga-Ural region is revealed.

oil, trace elements, trace element composition of crude oil and bitumens, metalls, fluid, magma, the origin of oil

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Gottikh R.P., Pisotsky B.I., Plotnikova I.N. Informativity of trace elements in the oil geology. Georesursy [Georesources]. No. 5(47). 2012. Pp. 24-31.