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Heat flow asymmetry on the mid-oceanic ridges of Northern and Southern Earth hemispheres

M.D. Khutorskoy, E.A. Teveleva

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A statistical analysis of heat flow (HF) distribution along nine geotravers crossing the mid-oceanic ridges in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans is carried out. A significant asymmetry in HF distribution is established - its mean values ​​differ on opposite sides of the ridges axis. In the Earth southern hemisphere geotraverses, their western flank has a higher HF mean, and in the northern hemisphere geotraverses there is the eastern flank. Various tectonic factors that lead to such a distribution are taken into account, but the universal cause of this regularity is suggested to be the effect of the Coriolis force, which deflects the ascending magma flow in divergent zones, when the planet rotates, respectively, to the west in the southern and to the east in the northern hemispheres.

heat flow, geotraverses, statistic, asymmetry, mid-oceanic ridge, Coriolis force

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Mikhail D. Khutorskoy
Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
7 Pyzhevsky lane, Moscow, 119017, Russain Federation

Elena A. Teveleva
Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
7 Pyzhevsky lane, Moscow, 119017, Russain Federation


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Khutorskoy M.D., Teveleva E.A. (2018). Heat flow asymmetry on the mid-oceanic ridges of Northern and Southern Earth hemispheres. Georesursy = Georesources, 20(2), pp. 122-132. DOI: