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Age moving of layers: facts and geological consequences (to the 150th anniversary of N.A. Golovkinsky’s fundamental work)

S.O. Zorina, V.P. Alekseev, E.O. Amon, K.A. Khasanova

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The fundamental facial law, determining the relationship between facies of sedimentary rocks in the sedimentary basin in lateral and vertical extensions, was formulated by the Russian geologist N.A. Golovkinsky a century and a half ago. Theoretical statements and views proposed by Golovkinsky have not lost their importance and relevance nowadays. In the article considered an important aspect of diachroneity (heterochroneity) of layer associations and their litho- and biostratigraphic boundaries. The methodological approach of measuring its degree (the window of age moving) is proposed. Golovkinskiy’s conceptions are developing fruitfully within the framework of Seismostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy, and their main content remains in demand in the light of new realities of cognitive process (nonlinear science, NBICS convergence, endovision).


Golovkinsky’s law, facies, sedimentation, diachronism, cognitive process


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Svetlana O. Zorina
Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University
4/5, Kremlevskaya st., Kazan, 420008, Russian Federation
Valery P. Alekseev
Ural State Mining University
30, Kuibyshev st., Ekaterinburg, 620144, Russian Federation
Edward O. Amon
Borissiak Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
123, Profsoyuznaya st., Moscow, 117647, Russian Federation
Ksenia A. Khasanova
4, 50 let Oktyabrya st., Tyumen, 625048, Russian Federation

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Zorina S.O., Alekseev V.P., Amon E.O., Khasanova K.A. (2018). Age moving of layers: facts and geological consequences (to the 150th anniversary of N.A. Golovkinsky’s fundamental work). Georesursy = Georesources, 20(4), Part 1, pp. 278-289. DOI: