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Complex structural-tectonic zoning of the north-eastern part

D.S. Nikitin, D.A. Ivanov

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The large amount of geological and geophysical data obtained in recent decades for the north-eastern part of the Barents Sea shelf makes their visual comparative analysis difficult, and the use of automated classification methods, in particular, multidimensional statistics, become relevant.

The perspectives of the statistical approach to the processing and interpretation of multi-sign geological and geophysical information are considered. The objective performance of the method of identifying classes (tectonic structures) within the studied area is determined by statistically justified methods that are independent of the subjective factor. The structural-tectonic schemes for reflecting horizons are clarified, at the level of which the main stages of large-scale tectonic reorganizations occur.


Barents Sea shelf, statistic analysis, structural-tectonic zoning


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Dmitry S. Nikitin
Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
7, Pyzhevsky lane, Moscow, 119017, Russian Federation
Dmitry A. Ivanov
Voronezh State University
1, Universitetskaya sq., Voronezh, 394018, Russian Federation

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Nikitin D.S., Ivanov D.A. (2018). Complex structural-tectonic zoning of the north-eastern part of the Barents Sea shelf. Georesursy = Georesources, 20(4), Part 2, pp. 404-412. DOI: