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Generalized law of multiphase filtration and new effects of surface phenomena at two-phase flows in a porous medium

V.M. Maksimov

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The generalized law of multiphase filtration, which explicitly takes into account the viscous interaction between fluids, capillary and gravitational effects, is analyzed. A special case is considered – a two-phase filtration flow as the basis of the technology of oil reservoirs flooding. A method for determining new material functions – «coupling» phase permeabilities, and their quantitative contribution to the field development indicators is given. A new effect of the dependence of capillary forces on the direction of flow in anisotropic media has been revealed.


 multiphase flow, porous media, interaction between fluids, water flooding technology, phase permeability’s, «coupling» effects, capillary pressure


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Vyacheslav M. Maksimov
Oil and Gas Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
3, Gubkin st., Moscow, 117971, Russian Federation


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Maksimov V.M. (2019). Generalized law of multiphase filtration and new effects of surface phenomena at two-phase flows in a porous medium. Georesursy = Georesources, 21(1), pp. 86-91. DOI: