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Further Development of Oil Industry with the aid of the Experience Gained and Potential in Tatarstan

R.Kh. Muslimov

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Oilers of Tatarstan have accumulated vast experience in the accelerated development of the oil industry. The strategy for the development of oil industry until 2030 is revised taking into account the previous research experience. The strategy is not to reduce production, but to preserve achieved production levels. The designed program allows keeping oil production in Tatarstan on the achieved high level up to 2030 at the expanded reproduction of reserves by geological and technical methods. To solve the problem of hydrocarbons extraction the following major activities were determined. Breakthrough works in geological research on the stages of prospecting, exploration, development and application of enhanced oil recovery; international collaborative programs and research; theoretical work on cration of new development systems using innovative enhanced oil recovery methods, bottom-hole treatment, horizontal and multilateral drilling. Special attention shall be paid to basic research due to the complexity of the increasing oil recovery factor. The article touches sustainability problem of hydrocarbon reserves. In-depth studies conducted for over a 50-year period in Tatarstan showed that deposits in sedimentary cover can be considered as constantly renewable deposits from the Earth interior. Enormous potential in Tatarstan is justified based on the creation of fundamentally different development system, taking into account hydrocarbons feeding from the Earth interior.

oil industry, strategy for the development, Tatarstan Republic, sustainability problem, hydrocarbon reserves.

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Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, Kazan, Russia

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Muslimov R.Kh. Further Development of Oil Industry with the aid of the Experience Gained and Potential in Tatarstan. Georesursy [Georsources]. № 4(59). 2014. Pp. 3-8.