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Software for prompt modeling of seismic wave fields

I.A. Gontarenko, V.I. Gulenko

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We present a new software package («Volna-M») for a 2D ray approximation seismic modeling in stratified models, which consist of homogenous elastic layers with curvilinear smooth boundaries. Solution of full Knott-Zoeppritz equations in complex domain enables correct calculation of reflection, transmission and conversion coefficients. Thus, for a given set of waves, amplitudes, travel-time curves and synthetic seismograms can be determined.

modeling, seismic, ray approximation, seismic wave field

For citation:

Gontarenko I.A., Gulenko V.I. Software for prompt modeling of seismic wave fields. Georesursy [Georesources]. No. 1(43). 2012. Pp. 15-18.