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To the question of phase-geochemical zonation of naphtides accumulation

A.E. Lukin

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The basic concepts of oil and gas generation the main phases are considered in the light of recent data. It is shown that the based on the concepts, scheme of hydrocarbons genetically determined phase differentiation does not comply with the regularities observed in different oil and gas provinces and basins. Aside from the known disadvantages of the sedimentary-migration theory, which cannot claim to be the paradigm of oil and gas geology in the XXI century, it is explained by the fact that in the most oil and gas basins we observe a superposition of different aged naphthides connected with the various sources of hydrocarbons and the influence of different naphtide generating systems. A basic scheme of phase-geochemical zonation of naphtide accumulation in the sedimentary cover (stratisphere) with various components (fragments) that we face in some specific sedimentary basins is proposed.

petroleum, oil genesis, accumulation of naphtides, organic matter, catagenesis, geochemical transformation, phase-geochemical zonation

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Lukin A.E. To the question of phase-geochemical zonation of naphtides accumulation. Georesursy [Georesources]. No. 5(47). 2012. Pp. 7-16.